Things to argue about in an essay

Things to argue about in an essay

Arguing isn’t necessarily a bad thing in friendship. Best to let it go if your friend doesn’t like your latest crush, and make your move instead. You might even enjoy the same band and yet still argue about one of these topics. Which Restaurant Is the BestWhere do you want to go? Fights about sports teams are never really rational, they’re just filled with friends spouting statistics and forgetting about all the things their team lacks. continue reading below our video Your Favorite BandThere are lots of variations on this one, like who is the cutest in your favorite band, which band rocks harder, which is embarrassing to be caught listening to, and which needs to kick their lead singer out. This argument will be made bigger because you’ll be hungry (or! ) while you’re fighting. Music in the Car and Who Should DriveCars are a mini-world of arguments all their own. Or how about the bus you missed because your friend stopped to tie their shoe?   Friends love to argue over whose fault it is but it’s best to let this go as quickly as you can. If you start blaming your friend for things, they’ll remember a few of your past sins they let once go upon a time. Being LateNo one likes waiting for another person, and when one person it can be very annoying.

You’d be surprised at how frequently this when you’re arguing about something else entirely. Whose Fault It is That Something HappenedDid you get lost? Car arguments increase exponentially when you’re stuck on a trip. Which of Your Crushes Is Better LookingNo one wants to think that guy or girl they’re digging isn’t as good looking as someone else. It all depends on what you argue about and. Fail to get the concert tickets in time? Do you amp it up a notch and relay some more of your problems? Who gets to choose the radio station while we’re in the car?

Your friend will when you two start dating. Broken Promises, Dishes, and Other Hazards of FriendshipIts bad news when a friend breaks a favorite item of yours, like that dish that was once your grandma’s or that necklace your ex gave you. This game of “who has it worse” never accomplishes anything. Sports TeamsI’m guilty of this one with just about any friend who doesn’t believe the Green Bay Packers are the best team in the league. Your friend might be running behind one day but the next you’ll be the one who didn’t get there on time. Healthy arguing about heavy stuff can help you grow closer as friends, but dumb arguments may just show that you’re so comfortable in your friendship you know you can tease and fight about stupid things without it. Here are some of the really stupid fights that friends have. Who Has It WorseHaving a friend listen to you complain about things in your life can make you feel understood, but what about by telling you their life is way worse than yours. But chances are, you take turns being late. But while you’re arguing about the physical qualities of the people you’re crushing on, someone else is probably enjoying their company.

Who gets to drive? You’ll probably both argue about it and you’ll both be right. Is there an argument you and your friend just can t get over? Check out, which has tips week by week on how to move past it. Who accidently threw their best friend’s favorite CD out the window? Hurt feelings about broken things can last a long time unless someone has the and let it go. Isn’t that the worst question friends repeat over and over?

Ask them out. Things to argue about in an essay.